How to Convert MKV to PS3, Play MKV on PS3, MKV PS3 with MKV2VOB Tutorial

Published: 03rd March 2011
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Why we talk about MKV PS3 MKV2VOB here?
MKV[1] Video also well-known as Matroska video. It is wildly used for delivering HD video content which up to 1080p. And advanced video encoding make MKV quite popular especially for download HD movie from internet. Major feature of the Sony PS3[2] console include its robust multimedia capabilities, its use of a high-definition optical disc format, Blu-ray Disc, as its primary storage medium. In the long comprehensive list of PS3 supported video format, you will find that PS3 just not a MKV Player. It is really a huge conflict between Most Popular HD Video Format and Best Compatible Media Player, say, MKV is versusing PS3.
But now, you can play MKV files on Sony PS3 with MKV2VOB. What is more, this MKV2VOB guide will show you how to convert MKV to PS3. By the way, what MKV2VOB[3] does is remux an MKV file with x264 video and AC3 audio into a VOB file which is playable on your Playstation 3.
Things you need to prepare before Remux MKV to VOB PS3
- An MKV file
- A Sony PS3
- WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe (MKV2VOB Alternative in case you will need):Support Convert MKV to MP4 for play HD movie on Windows PC natively while with decent compression, Burn MKV to DVD/VOB then create DIY MKV DVD which is the best approach the enlarge DVD collections, Convert MKV to PS3, nothing left unsaid but makes you enjoy HD movie even in your living room.
How to Use MKV2VOB Convert MKV to VOB PS3
Step 1: you have to open MKV2VOB and select the MKV file which you would like to work on and then select where you would like to save the finished file. When you have done this, click "Save".

Convert MKV to PS3 VOB with MKV2VOB
Step 2: You will then have a dialog box pop up that asks if you want to enable automatic MPEG2 transcoding. It is recommended that you click "Yes".
Step 3: Another box will then pop up when you start the whole process. Do not close this box. Wait for it to complete what it is doing.
Step 4: When that box has finished doing what it is doing, yet another box will open. Leave this alone and do not close it.
Step 5: When that box has closed the task is complete and you should be presented with a "Remuxing Complete" box.
Thinking more about Convert MKV to PS3 with MKV2VOB
The major advantange of convert MKV to PS3 with MKV2VOB is there is no Video/Audio compression during the whole remux process. Therefore the MKV to VOB PS3 conversion speed is fast. However, MKV2VOB often fails with DTS audio link, and still doesn't have seeking (forward - backward during playback). So if you need more professional anf efficient MKV to PS3 Converter software, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe just standing-by. It can not only convert MKV to all popular video formats, but also feature MKV to VOB/DVD burning as well as MKV to PS3 Converting function. Free Download MKV2VOB Alternative >>

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